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The security and convenience of your donating experience is important to us. We strive to balance your convenience and the cost of our infrastructure. No one has a paid position with our organization. All labor is voluntary. We are only able to accept donations by direct mail or by credit card/electronic transfer through PayPal.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is easy and quick. You write a check to "McKenzie Education Foundation", put it in an envelope and send it through the mail. It is simple. The check arrives at our post office box in Blue River, Oregon. Once it is in the system, it stays there until we pick it up. We do ask one thing. Please do not send cash through the mail. Send your donations to:

McKenzie Education Foundation
P.O. Box 274
Blue River, Oregon 97413


We also rely on PayPal services to assist us in collecting and securing your donations by credit card and electronic transfer.  PayPal provides a very secure donating environment for you and us at a low price. However, it does require some inconvenience in registration on your part. We want to make your experience as painless as possible. You only have to register once with PayPal and there is no cost to you. Once registered you are all set for the next time you want to donate. To sign up to donate using PayPal, simply click on the link below.

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McKenzie Education Foundation

McKenzie Educational Foundation is a 501c(3) tax deductible organization dedicated to improving education of children living in the McKenzie River area.